LELO HEX RESPECT XL 12 pack of Condoms


LELO HEX RESPECT XL Condoms - 12 Pack

Make room on your nightstand for LELO HEX RESPECT XL condoms. Their innovative hexagonal design brings all the satisfaction and safety of the LELO HEX brand but in a bigger size. One of the most contemporary condoms on the market, use LELO HEX with Natural Cycles on red days for protection without compromising on pleasure. LELO HEX condoms are FDA Cleared in the US and CE Marked in Europe.

More about LELO HEX RESPECT XL Condoms

Each carefully constructed XL condom has 350 hexagons that mold and adapt to your unique shape. Get ready for  an experience of exclusive pleasure not like any other. Strong, safe and set to satisfy, LELO HEX has a natural latex thin design that brings strength and sensitivity to intimacy. 

Material: Natural Latex Rubber
Thickness: 0.045 mm
Nominal width: Ø 58 mm

CE and FDA cleared