LELO HEX XL 12 pack of Condoms


LELO HEX XL Condoms - 12 Pack

Bringing strength, thinness, and pleasure through it’s innovative hexagonal structure. LELO HEX is one of the most contemporary condoms on the market. Used alongside Natural Cycles on Red Days, LELO HEX is a great choice for those looking to safely prevent pregnancy without compromising on pleasure. LELO HEX condoms are FDA Cleared in the US and CE Marked in Europe. Buy condoms online today.

More about LELO HEX

Each LELO Hex condom is designed with 350 separate hexagons so the natural latex is fully adaptable and molds to fit. This unique design gives an exclusive experience of intimacy, offering you and your partner a more sensitive pleasure that goes beyond your ordinary condom, while still providing strength.

Material: Natural Latex
Thickness: 0.045 mm
Nominal width: Ø 58 mm